Winamac Community Parkway Project Moving Along

Winamac 3rd grade students on a visit to the Panhandle Pathway. Photo by Tom Anspach

The Winamac Community Parkway Project is underway, and Dave Bennett is hopeful they’ll have the way paved to the depot by summer.

In an effort to build on the success of the Panhandle Pathway and provide access to the trail system for residents of Winamac, the Winamac Community Parkway Project consists of the development of a 1.05-mile stone trail, 12 feet wide within town limits, and a 1.6-mile, 10-foot wide stone trail outside of town limits.

Bennett says the goal of the project is to eventually reach the Tippecanoe River State Park, and even tie into the other Rails-To-Trails program to the north, effectively connecting it to the statewide system of trails.

Currently, the Panhandle Pathway runs from U.S. 24 just west of France Park, all the way up to within a half-mile of Winamac town limits. The project involves the acquisition of property, and Bennett says they are currently waiting to hear if they will receive the Indiana Bicentennial Grant to fund the property acquisition.

He says even if they don’t get the grant, however, he can guarantee that the trail will be paved up to the depot in downtown Winamac by next summer, because they are currently only $20,000 shy.