Cemetery Policies May Change in North Judson

North Judson Town Board

Rules and regulations may soon be changed at cemeteries in North Judson, as the town council is reviewing a proposed ordinance from the Cemetery Regulations Committee.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says the committee was appointed a few months ago and charged with the task of reviewing the current cemetery ordinance and its rules and regulations to determine if any changes are needed to the policies. The committee looked at the current ordinance and compared it to templates of cemetery rules and regulations, and have made a number of changes that they feel would best suit the cemetery and the town.

The committee has held three meetings, the most recent of which was in late August, and presented the town board with the new ordinance last week. The committee made their recommendations on changes that need made, and the board will now review the changes and determine whether or not to accept the new ordinance and its changes to the rules and regulations of the cemetery.

Henry explained that the board may be ready to hold the first and second readings of the ordinance at their next meeting, but if they feel other changes are necessary, it will likely be postponed until their meeting in October.