Culver School Corporation Notes ADM Loss of 49 Students

Culver Community School Superintendent, Brad Schuldt

Enrollment is down at the Culver Community School Corporation, and Superintendent Brad Schuldt said the corporation is down 49 students, according to the Average Daily Membership count.

Schuldt explained that the largest impact on the enrollment was caused by groups of students moving with their families completely out of the district. He said 80 students moved out of the district and 60 moved in – totaling a loss of 20 students.

He went on to say that 13 students left the corporation to go to the Culver Military Academy, but that is in no way out of the ordinary. He said the corporation usually loses as few as seven or as many as 15 students to the academy.

Eleven students left the corporation by choice – that is, the students still live in the district but have elected to attend a different school. Schuldt said no corporation boasted more than four student transfers from Culver, indicating the students have spread out to neighboring schools.

The total ADM count for Culver schools came out to 907, down from 956 last year.