Eastern Pulaski School Board Approves Policy Changes For Evaluations

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

The Eastern Pulaski School Board approved some changes to its school board policy manual which Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman says are the direct result of state statutes.

“It was put into a statute that superintendents must be evaluated every year which was a shock to me because at Eastern Pulaski, for the last 25+ years I’ve been here, there’s been an evaluation every year, but evidently some places choose not to. We modified our school board policy to make sure we were in compliance with Indiana statutes,” commented Klitzman.

The school board members also discussed teacher evaluations. The corporation has adopted the use of the RISE model and the old evaluation method was within school board policy so the board agreed to change the teacher evaluation portion in the board policy manual.

“The old instrument was within school board policy,” Klitzman said. “In talking with the board, we decided it’s in our better interest to not have the actual instrument in policy, but a policy to have the instrument in full compliance with statutes approved by the DOE [Department of Education] and designed, with input, by the superintendent. That’s in policy. The actual instrument, which is the RISE instrument, is found in our Administrative Handbook.”