Knox City Council Approves List of Employees Exempt From Nepotism Policy

Knox City Council

In an effort to adhere to new state policies, the Knox City Council this week entered a list of city employees into the official record. City Attorney David Matsey noted that this is in reference to the newly-required nepotism policies, which requires a list of current employees that are grandfathered in to employment and thus exempt from the new policy.

Mayor Rick Chambers said they had to revise the list nearly a dozen times to keep it up to date and accurate. The list consists of every employee currently employed by the city since before July 1 of this year.

The council in June passed a motion adopting a policy regarding conflicts of interest and nepotism of office, which Matsey said was the first step required to conform to Indiana’s new guidelines. The council adopted the minimum provisions required by state statutes for nepotism, prohibiting a person from supervising a direct relative. Matsey pointed out that the law does not prevent grandparents from supervising grandchildren in office, and it only affects direct supervisors.