Knox Middle School Newspaper Spotlighted At School Board Meeting

Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The Knox Middle School newspaper got the spotlight this week during the recent meeting of the Knox Community School Board. Mrs. Kathleen Jerrell, a sixth grade English teacher, is the sponsor of the newspaper The Redskin Review. Superintendent A.J. Gappa talks about the presentation.

“Mrs. Jerrell brought in some students and a copy of the news paper to show the board and did a fantastic job of presenting the paper,” said Gappa. “Most of the editions of the paper go out over the internet and the middle school website.”

Mrs. Jerrell spoke highly of the One-to-One Computer Initiative.

“Without that program the current newspaper, The Redskin Review, would not be possible. It gives every student in the school a chance to work on the paper and it also levels out the playing field for those students who may not have had the opportunity at home to have access to the internet or computer,” said Gappa. “With their school computer, they can be a part of the school newspaper and write their own articles. It’s worked out really well.”

The newspaper is available for viewing on the Knox Middle School’s website and it is published every Tuesday.