North Judson Earns IPEP Safety Award

North Judson Town Board

The town of North Judson has once again earned a safety award from the Indiana Public Employers’ Plan. The award is achieved by having less than a 50 percent loss ratio plus an acceptable claim incident rate as compared to municipalities statewide. The town earned the award for its excellent worker safety recorded in the 2011 calendar year.

The award not only rewards the prevention of accidents among employees, but also emphasizes the cost savings to governmental agencies by keeping workers safe and on the job.

The town of North Judson is one of 510 governmental entities throughout the state whose employees are covered by Indiana Public Employers’ Plan, Inc. IPEP is the only self-funded workers compensation risk-sharing group in the state.

According to Downey Public Risk Underwriters Field Operations Manager Robert C. Davidson, the town was given the award for its proactive focus towards safety in the workplace.