North Judson To Hold IACT Roundtable in October

North Judson will soon be the host of the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns quarterly roundtable.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says she and town board president Wendy Hoppe had attended the previous roundtable in Demotte in August, and she says each roundtable has a different topic. The August roundtable was focused on budgets, and Henry says she asked the organization if the North Judson Town Board could hold one of the upcoming roundtables in North Judson.

Henry says their request was approved, and they will soon be hosting the October roundtable. She says this meeting will provide public officials with a chance to get together and share ideas.

The meeting will take place on Oct. 23 at the community center, but only public officials can attend the meeting. Henry is hopeful for a good turnout from public officials in the area, and she’s proud that the town will be holding such an important event.

In addition, a fire hydrant class will be hosted by Utility Supply Company and Mueller Hydrant Company at the community center on Sept. 25 at 9 a.m., and the class will be open to other municipalities who may want to send somebody to receive this training.

Utility Supply Company will get the word out to surrounding towns of the class, which will consist of a trailer with a hydrant that experts will take apart to explain various parts of the equipment. They will also give advice on hydrant repair and maintenance, which could be valuable to any municipality.