Pulaski County Commissioners Discuss Restoration Of Bridge 268

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

Efforts to restore bridges in Pulaski County continue as the commissioners this week discussed the possibility of yet another bridge to work on. Jeff Larrison of United Consulting told the commissioners that he had put together an engineer’s report for Bridge 268, which is in dire need of a new deck. This project, he says, will be a lot cheaper and a bit easier than the complete replacement of Bridge 291 in Monterey.

Larrison says the bridge would be restored rather than completely replaced, and no land acquisition is necessary.

“They’re going to mill, patch, and overlay the bridge. They’re going to clean the seats and indents around the bridge and install new expansion joints at the end of the deck so as the weather changes it will expand and contract properly and not crack, and then they’ll put new approach slabs in on both sides of the bridge,” said Larrison. “It is our feeling that if we do these minor modifications, you’re going to have a virtually brand-new bridge.”

Larrison explained that this bridge work would only cost the county roughly $279,000 – significantly less than the $1.5 million figure for the replacement of Bridge 291. On top of that, the work would be funded locally with funds received from INDOT for design credit from the Bridge 291 work, which Larrison says should amount to at least $279,000 back to the county. Because the work would be funded locally without federal funds, the process would be sped up and they would only need a part-time inspector.

County Attorney Kevin Tankerslee will review the figures and paperwork, and the commissioners will ultimately decide whether or not to proceed with the restoration. Larrison says the bridge would be ready to bid by Jan. 2013 if given notice to proceed by the end of September. Bids for the work on Bridge 291 are expected to be received in October.