Starke County Commissioners to Deed Land to North Judson

Starke County Commissioners Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom and Jennifer Davis

The Starke County Commissioners this week corrected a mix-up from years past, as North Judson Town Board President Wendy Hoppe requested their assistance in transferring two parcels of land back to the town.

Hoppe explained that several years ago a building on Lane Street had been demolished, and the county assisted the town in clearing the debris; however, the property which had been split into two parcels was supposed to be deeded to the town, but instead, was deeded to the county. She says that issue was supposed to be straightened out long ago, but it was never corrected.

As a result, Hoppe says when the meeting minutes were analyzed, they learned that the problem had never been corrected. Hoppe approached the commissioners and requested that they correct the mistake by drawing up a quick claim deed to transfer the property to North Judson.

Hoppe says that while they don’t yet have a concrete use for the land, the board hopes to use it for a municipal building sometime in the future. However, the board will have to wait for the property transfer to be completed.

The properties in question are located at 213 Lane St., and the other on Luken St.