Starke County EMA Earns Wage Reimbursements, Bonus From State

Ted Bombagetti

Starke County Emergency Management Agency Director Ted Bombagetti gave the commissioners some good news this week. The EMA has for the third year in a row exceeded their assessment goal, earning a wage reimbursement for the county. On top of that, Bombagetti says he and Mary Lynn Ritchie brought back $4050 to the county by performing so well on the assessment.

The wage reimbursement totaled $30,000, which covers half of the department’s wages for the year. Bombagetti says that money goes to the county, but the bonus he and Ritchie earned will be returned to the department to be spent on necessary equipment.

Bombagetti says they’re on a roll, and they plan to continue bringing those reimbursements and bonuses to the county. In the past, the bonus has been used to purchase laptops and other equipment for the EMA department, but he’s not quite sure at this time what the money will be spent on.

The money will be put to good use, and Bombagetti says these funds will really “help the cause.”