Golf Cart Ordinance Almost Official in North Judson

The town of North Judson’s golf cart ordinance is nearly solidified after the town council this week approved its first and second readings. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry said two people in the audience expressed their objections to a part of the ordinance requiring child restraints.

Henry said the ordinance will require a safety restraint be used by any golf cart passengers that weigh less than 48 pounds, and two people objected to that requirement. The council noted their objections but proceeded to approve the first of two readings of the ordinance.

Henry explained that the ordinance will require golf cart operators to register the vehicles with the clerk-treasurer’s office at a cost of $25 annually. Golf carts must have proof of insurance as required by the state, and the vehicles must be inspected by the North Judson Police Department before it can be registered. She says this ensures that all golf carts that will be operated on town roads have all the necessary bells and whistles, such as headlights, turn signals, and other required equipment. Further, the operator must have a driver’s license.

The town council will hold the third reading at their next meeting on Oct. 15.