IDEM Proposes Order Against C&C Salvage Violations

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management conducted an investigation into Starke County Recycling, Inc., C&C Salvage and a number of other businesses in Knox owned by James L. Campbell. As a result of the investigation, IDEM has made a preliminary determination that violations were made of environmental management laws and rules, and the department has proposed an Agreed Order constituting a settlement.

The order proposed requires Campbell to submit to a site assessment plan to allow them to assess potential contamination of soil, ground, water, and vapors from the areas in question. Within 15 days of receiving notice from IDEM of approval of the site assessment plan, Campbell would be required to implement the plan, and submit within 45 days a remediation work plan identifying potential contaminates, receptors, and exposure pathways to allow IDEM to identify all contamination. He would then implement the remedial actions within 15 days after the work plan’s approval. Finally, within 30 days after implementation, Campbell would have to submit to an IDEM certification to ensure the actions have been completed.

He would also be required to remove all trash and tires and dispose of them at a solid waste management facility, as well as ensure that all used oil containers are labeled properly. A number of other deadlines would also be imposed to ensure that the violations are corrected. If Campbell fails to comply with all requirements of the order, he could be fined as much as $8500 per week.

Campbell also has the right to request a settlement conference to discuss the allegations the the actions necessary to correct and resolve the violation. IDEM indicated that they are not required to extend this offer for more than 60 days before issuing a unilateral notice and order requiring compliance and payment of a civil penalty.