Knox Community High School Shows Drop in Enrollment

Superintendent A.J. Gappa

The official Average Daily Membership, or ADM, count at the Knox Community School Corporation showed a drop in enrollment. Superintendent A.J. Gappa explained the statistics to the school board Monday night.

“We dropped from 1924 to 1882.5, which is a drop of 41.5 students,” explained Gappa. “The reason for the half-student is because Kindergarteners are still considered only a half-student.”

There hasn’t been a loss of enrollment at the Knox schools for some time. Gappa said the enrollment drops came in three grade levels.

“We know we’ve been a transient community, people move in and out and back and forth between Knox and the neighboring communities. Thirty-nine of those students who left came from three different grade levels. We are tracking down the movement of those students.”

Gappa hopes that this is just a one-year dip.

“Our Kindergarteners this year are at a count of 161 compared to last year’s 148. When we get those students counting as full students next year, we will be back up to where we have been in the past,” said Gappa.