Pulaski Co. Sheriff’s Dept. To Upgrade Jail Technology, Website

Pulaski County SHeriff'

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department has improved its technology in the jail. Jail Commander Phil Cherry talks about the upgrade.

“We just implemented a new jail management system and it’s called JailTracker,” explained Cherry. “It provides us here in the jail with a lot more detailed information with regards to the movement of our inmates. That includes med passing, programming and head counts. We do a head count at lock-down and it gives us an actual physical count of the inmates in the jail. It’s enabled us to almost go paper-free.”

Cherry noted that this new technology will allow the jail staff to implement a new feature on the Sheriff’s Department website.

“Shortly, we’re going to have a link to the sheriff’s website which will allow anybody to see who was arrested and what their charges are,” said Cherry. “Basically, it’s the information that we’re giving you over the phone right now – if somebody was to call to bond someone out or whatever it may be.”

This feature, Cherry says, will make it easier for you to gather information.

“We just kind of thought it would be better for people out in the area especially if you had a crime committed against you and you wanted to see what the outcome of that and if that individual was arrested. They can actually go on the website and check to see if that was the case,” said Cherry.

The link is not up yet on the website, but check pulaskisheriff.net for that feature to be uploaded sometime in the next two weeks.

The technology upgrade doesn’t stop there.

“We also have a video visitation booth that was put in by Secure US which will actually allow an inmate to see and speak to a loved who is confined to their house and they’re unable to get in here to visit,” Cherry explained.