Pulaski Commissioners Approve $1500 For New Circuit Court Phones

Pulaski Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn

A few technological upgrades may be in store for the Pulaski Circuit Court, as the county commissioners this week approved $1500 toward installing new phones in the courtroom, judge’s office, and his court administrator’s office.

Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn told the commissioners that he has no working line in his office as a result of the switch to digital phones, and he has no way to tell his administrator to pick up the phone besides yelling down the hall. Shurn said this is not the ideal way for a phone system to operate, so he requested permission and funding to purchase two phones and a digital phone card to be installed.

Shurn explained that a technician would reprogram the phones to allow four active lines instead of two, and he estimated the cost to be around $1000 for the two phones and the equipment. Shurn said the courtroom would remain on the analog system, but his office and his court administrator’s office would utilize two digital ports of the eight available on the new digital card, allowing six more ports to be used in the future.

The commissioners approved his request, with the cost not to exceed $1500, and the funds will come out of the courthouse maintenance budget. The purchase of the phones, which Shurn estimated at $186 each, will come from the equipment budget.