Road Rage Causes Chaos at Plymouth Laundromat

A typical trip to the laundromat nearly turned into violence Thursday morning when a Plymouth couple were approached by an enraged driver.

John and Janice Unruh of Plymouth were heading to the Quick Clean Laundromat on Jefferson Street in Plymouth when an aggressive driver nearly struck their car. At that point, Janice said, the man jumped out of his vehicle and started screaming at them. She said they were scared the man was going to turn violent, so her husband took out his gun and laid it in his lap, telling the infuriated man that he was armed.

Both parties called 911, and when police investigated, they learned that Unruh did have a permit for his gun and simply laid it on his lap in plain sight, never pointing it.

Plymouth Police officer Mark Owen said that the situation could have easily been much worse and Unruh had the right to protect himself when he felt threatened. He said Unruh was merely preparing to defend himself and didn’t do anything wrong.

Owen said that Micah Kunkle, the enraged driver, is well-known to Plymouth police, having been ticketed numerous times for speeding, erratic driving, and other traffic citations. Owen said that because Kunkle was not impaired at the time of the incident, he was not issued a ticket or arrested.