Starke County and Others Change Income Tax Rates

A number of counties in Indiana have changed their withholding income tax rates with increases across the board. Starke, Perry, Hancock, and Carroll counties each raised their rates effective yesterday.

In Starke County, the resident rate has increased from .0106 to .0171, with the non-resident rate increased from .0081 to .0146. Perry County increased their resident rate to .0156 from .0106, and the non-resident rate from .00685 to .01185. Hancock County raised their non-resident rate from .004 to .0045, and Carroll County raised their resident rate from .015039 to .017039.

County officials establish and adjust the local income tax rates, which are then reported to the Department of Revenue. The list of rates for all 92 Indiana counties can be viewed at the Indiana Department of Revenue’s website.

These rates affect businesses with employees who live or work in any of these counties and have income taxes withheld from their checks. Indiana law allows counties to change their local tax rates throughout the year.

The Indiana Department of Revenue will publish any future rate changes to its website on Nov. 1 and Dec. 1.