West Central School Board Approves 2013 Budget; 1:1 Technology Discussed

West Central School Superintendent Charles Mellon

The West Central School Board approved the 2013 budget during their recent meeting which included the General Fund, Capital Projects Plan, and the Bus Replacement Plan. The board also approved the Technology Plan which Superintendent Charles Mellon says goes along with the Capital Projects Plan.

Last year, the corporation underwent a wireless transformation and projectors with internet capability were put into the teachers’ rooms so the teachers can walk around the room and discuss what is on the board. Mellon explains technology upgrade is next.

“The technology committee will be looking at the one-to-one type computing where we put a computer, or some type of device, in the hands of each child,” commented Mellon.

Several questions are facing the committee members as they determine where to start in the one-to-one computer initiative.

“’Do we do it for all 850 students? Do we start in one building? What devices will be used? Is one good for all or do elementary students have the best success in using a certain type of instrument as compared to a high school student?’” Melon said. “So all of that is going to be determined this fall.”

It is hoped that this initiative rolls out next fall.

“We’ll start getting devices into the hands of the teachers probably a semester before we put them into the hands of the students. There is hope by next fall we will at least be partially into the one-to-one computing,” Mellon explained.