Eastern Pulaski School Board Welcomes New Faces

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman

A number of changes will soon be taking place at the state level, and Eastern Pulaski Schools are gearing up for some changes as well. Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman said that while the state is preparing to welcome a new governor, state superintendent, senator, and new House members as well, the Eastern Pulaski School Board is preparing to welcome a number of new school board members while saying goodbye to some familiar faces.

“We had three school board members, last Monday was their last school board meeting. They decided they did not want to run for another term, so they ended here in December,” Klitzman said. “So out with the board members that decided not to run and in with the newly-elected.”

Klitzman said the board will miss the retiring members, two of which served for eight-and-a-half years and the other four years. However, he said he feels the new board members will take the responsibilities admirably.

“I appreciate the help that the retiring board members have given me personally and the current sitting board members, and the hope and encouragement that we’ll get from our new ones coming in. So, I think Eastern Pulaski has been in good hands, and will continue to be in good hands as well,” Klitzman said.

The school board will welcome Deke DeMarco, Terry Johnson, and Rhonda Heims in January.