Attorney anticipates filing in Pulaski County Highway saga

Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady, Terry Young, and Tracey Shorter
Pulaski County Commissioners Larry Brady, Terry Young, and Tracey Shorter

The attorney for two Pulaski County Highway employees who were suspended last month by the commissioners pending an investigation into unspecified complaints anticipates taking legal action against the county within days.

Former highway superintendent Kenny Becker and administrative assistant Lin Morrison have both retained Valparaiso attorney Steven Bush. He’s preparing a tort claim notice to be filed against the commissioners, county attorney and auditor for defamation of character, among other things. County officials have yet to provide any specifics about the nature of the investigation or give Becker or Morrison a copy of their findings. Bush says their stonewalling is “offensive” to his clients and to the dozens of people who packed the commissioners room and spilled over into the hallway prior to the Feb. 4 commissioners meeting.

The filing is a first step in pursuing legal action against a governmental entity. The county will have 90 days from the time the tort claim is filed to respond. If they don’t, Bush says he will pursue a lawsuit. Both Becker and Morrison are back to work. However, Becker is serving as manager of the county highway garage while Pulaski County Commissioner Larry Brady is acting county highway superintendent.

The next Pulaski County Commissioners meeting is Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 6 p.m. EST since the third Monday of the month falls on Presidents’ Day.