Wireman Cases to be Joined for One Trial

Starke County Courthouse
Starke County Courthouse

Defendants Sadie Wireman and her son, Michael, will have their cases joined for a single trial in Starke Circuit Court.

The pair face methamphetamine-related charges. Plea agreements were rejected for the Medaryville duo on June 6th when Michael Wireman did not comply with the requirements with the probation department before his court hearing and Sadie Wireman claimed not to know what methamphetamine was. Judge Kim Hall said he would not accept a guilty plea from her if she didn’t know what the drug was in which she allegedly possessed.

In a previous court hearing, attorney Richard Ballard presented a motion to join the cases in one trial and Prosecutor Nicholas Bourff objected. A hearing was held yesterday where it was determined that the cases could be joined for one trial.

The trial is set for Nov. 6 at 9 a.m. Other cases are set for trial at the same time so their cases may be postponed to a later date. That will be settled during pre-trial motions and instructions set for Nov. 5.