Prepare Your Emergency Disaster Kit Now

With winter weather on its way and a hefty storm in our rear-views, now is the perfect time to create a home disaster kit if you haven’t already. To that end, Pulaski County EMA Director Larry Hoover has a number of tips.

The most important tip, Hoover said, is to make sure your family knows where to go in a severe storm. Lay out an emergency plan with a place to meet in case you get separated and designate an emergency contact that is out of the immediate area to call in case of a disaster.

“Have a three-day food supply, food and water. Also don’t forget any pets that you may have that you need to take care of. Have a meeting point for your family if you’re not at home, and have a place to call, preferably not within your immediate area because the phone lines tend to get tied up with calls in the immediate area and you can call family or a friend out of the area much easier and then everybody can check in with them,” Hoover said.

Hoover recommended purchasing extra canned goods when shopping to help build up your emergency rations. A suggested list of items can be found at

For Hoosiers who are curious as to whether or not a generator is a good investment, Hoover said that depends on the needs of the family. While a generator is a great idea to stay warm and have water in case of an emergency, it’s not always fiscally feasible.