Ancilla College Offers Free College Course for New Students


Ancilla College is offering a free college course to first-time students to help kick-start a college career. Todd Zeltwanger, executive director of institutional advancement at the college, told WKVI that a number of students have started their college career through the We Believe In You program.

The program offers a chance for new students to give college a shot and get readjusted to a life of education.

“There’s a number of things a person can try, anywhere from a business course or education, science, chemistry, just a general studies type of path, just to kind of get their feet wet in it. As far as being intimidated, we have a number of non-traditional age students that are intermixed with our classes now, and the class sizes are small, so there shouldn’t be any factor of fear,” Zeltwanger said.

As part of the “We Believe in You” program, the college is offering adult learners who are 21 years and older and who have never attended college the chance to take a class with up to three credit hours at no cost.

All students in the program will have an academic adviser to assist them with every aspect of attending college for the first time. Help with registration, filing a financial aid application, choosing education opportunities and more will be given to those students.

“I think one of the things that we try to do at Ancilla, especially with these students, is there are all kinds of other support services available. The faculty, and the staff that we have to do the counseling and just to sit down and talk with the people about what are we interested in, what are we thinking about, and helping them get past that initial fear,” said Zeltwanger.

The first step is to contact the admissions office and get started with the process. For more information, call 1-800-ANCILLA.