Pulaski Maintenance Dept. Requesting Part-Time Hire


Pulaski County Maintenance Director Jeff Johnston said his department is in need of an additional part-time employee, but the county council this week decided to postpone discussion until next year. Johnston approached the council during their meeting on Monday night with a request to hire another part-time employee with the help of a $12,900 additional transfer.

He said that he would like to hire the employee for the year 2014, but because of budget cuts, he is unable to afford it. He currently has two part-time employees that he said are as busy as can be and he needs one more employee in order to get everything done.

“We’re trying to do so much more with so much less,” Johnston said.

Johnston said he has more than $3000 that is currently unused in his budget, but he needs those additional funds in order to hire a part-time person. The council tabled the discussion.