Marshall County EMA Grant Applications Approved

Marshall County Emergency Management Agency Director Clyde Avery asked permission from the commissioners this week to apply for two reimbursable grants.

The first grant would be for $5,179.77 where the money would be used to purchase handed held devices for the emergency operations center, emergency alert radios to be given to the public, and literature to inform residents about various events and how to protect against the impact of those events.

Another grant is for $4,000 and it is a competitive foundation grant where an instructor would put come to the county and put on an emergency operations center exercise. The instructor would design and be in charge of the exercise give an outside perspective on emergency preparedness. This would be helpful in gathering information on how to be a fully functional emergency operations center.

The commissioners approved both grant applications. Avery said he’s not sure that the county will receive the foundation grant, but appreciated the board’s support in case the grant request is approved.