Energy Generator Tips for Severe Weather Preparedness Week

As we close out National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, it’s important to have a backup plan when it comes to electric outages due to severe weather.

According to Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum, diesel-powered emergency generators provide the most reliable form of emergency backup power. He says a diesel fuel’s energy density and the engine’s high efficiency allow for smaller fuel storage facilities compared to other fuels which provides a cost savings to owners.

These type of generators need to be used safely in an outdoor setting. Carbon monoxide fumes from generators can build up in enclosed areas and poison people.

Generators should also run periodically before you need them in an emergency. Some units have automated weekly run cycles.

National Severe Weather Preparedness Week is a nationwide effort designed to increase awareness of the severe weather that affects everyone and to encourage individuals, families businesses and communities to know their risk, take action, and be an example.