Knox City Council Tables Mutual Aid Agreement

 The Knox City Council tabled a discussion on a mutual aid agreement between the city and the Bass Lake Fire Department.

Knox-Center Township Fire Chief Kenny Pfost told the council members that he doesn’t approve of the agreement presented and will talk with Bass Lake Fire Chief Les Jensen about an agreement that would be acceptable between both parties.

Chief Pfost stated that the departments are operating under a mutual aid agreement provided by the state, but he would like to see it tailored to fit the needs of both departments.

A separate mutual aid agreement is needed between the Knox-Center Township Fire Department and the Bass Lake Fire Department as Bass Lake opted out of the Starke County Firefighter’s Association. Bass Lake Fire Chief Les Jensen told WKVI that the reason they opted out of the association was because of the issue over medical calls. The firefighters there want to be called to every accident where they may be needed which may not be the case with the other departments in the association.

Jensen added that the mutual aid agreement presented to the Knox-Center Township Fire Department is a standard agreement.

More discussion will be held before the council approves language in an agreement. The issue will be discussed at the June 10 meeting.