Marshall County Council Approves Transfers, Appropriations for Highway Department


The Marshall County Council approved a transfer of funds to take care of the salaries for the two new positions developed at the highway department.

The positions of highway superintendent and general foreman were eliminated and the duties of those two departments were split between two new positions in the highway administration manager and the supervisor of county highways.

The council Monday morning approved the transfer of $14,448 from wages/department head to the administration manager line item. The transfer of $16,641 from wages/general foreman and $800 from wages/department head for a total of $17,441 into the supervisor of county highways line item was also approved.

In addition to that, the council members also approved $252,000 in an additional appropriation for the 7th Road bridge project. Highway Administration Manager Laurie Baker explained that the fund is currently in the hole over $100,000 and this is to help bring the account back into the black. She said the county is expecting more money to put back into this account.

On Aug. 5, we submitted $131,000 in reimbursement claims to INDOT that we’re waiting on,” she explained. “We have expected payments on Aug. 19 that’s going to be in the amount of $68,000. About that same time, we’re expecting the reimbursement on the property that was purchased that’s around $345,000. So we are looking at about $413,000 coming back.”

The county has already spent over $900,000 in the 7th Road project.