Indiana Department of Revenue Aims to Prevent Identity Theft


The Indiana Department of Revenue has implemented programs to help deter tax refund fraud and identity theft. They have already stopped more than $5.3 million in attempted identity theft and refund fraud this year.

Increased security features confirm the identity of each Indiana resident before processing tax returns. As part of the program, more than 179,000 taxpayers have been asked to complete an Identity Confirmation Quiz that features four questions and takes three minutes to complete. Those required to complete the quiz receive a letter with directions from the Indiana Department of Revenue. It can be completed online or over the phone. Once the quiz is successfully done, his or her refund will be processed and delivered within 14 days if electronically filed and within 12 weeks if filed by paper.

Those who are asked to take the quiz are not suspected victims of identity theft. The action is designed to protect taxpayers’ identities and tax refunds. If you receive a letter and have not submitted an Indiana tax return, you should not complete the quiz. This may indicate identity theft has occurred. Taxpayers should follow the letter’s instructions and immediately contact the Indiana Department of Revenue.

The department’s Identity Protection Program stopped $88 million in identity theft refunds last year and 78,000 fraudulent returns.