Department of Revenue Warns Parents to Guard their Children’s Personal Information

As odd as it may sound, the Indiana Department of Revenue is asking individuals to check their children’s credit reports, regardless of their age.

Identity thieves are always looking for identities that can be used for many years which is why children are typically seen as apt targets since thieves can to use their information unnoticed for a while.

Often times the theft is not discovered until the child grows up and applies for a student loan or a credit card and gets denied for having large amounts of debt or bad credit; it is only then that they realize their identity has been stolen and used for several years. Continue reading

Indiana Department of Revenue Offers Tax Tips, As Filing Season Approaches

The 2018 tax season is about to get underway, and the Indiana Department of Revenue has a few tips to help save you some money. Taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $66,000 or less may file for free, with the INfreefile program. The Department of Revenue expects that almost 2 million Hoosiers will qualify for free filing this year.

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Identity Theft is an Issue When Filing Tax Returns

 Police continue to take reports of identity theft from residents attempting to file their 2014 income taxes.

An 18-year-old LaPorte man told LaPorte Police that his parents recently attempted to file their tax return with him listed as a dependent. The tax return was rejected, citing that someone else had already claimed the victim as a dependent. The victim also attempted to access his credit score and learned that a credit card, mortgage and home equity loan were fraudulently established using his identity.

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Don’t Ignore Income Tax Filing Deadline


Federal and state income tax returns need to be filed tomorrow. Michelle Bachtel with H&R Block says you have options if you owe and are not able to pay. She adds the most important thing is not to panic

“If you can’t pay the full amount by April 15, just pay what as much as you can,” Bachtel said. “Even though interest will accrue on the amount owed, you’re not going to be arrested, and they’re not going to come knock on your door and seize your home.” Continue reading

Bring Essential Documents to Your Tax Appointment


If you haven’t filed your taxes yet, time is running out. Federal and state income taxes are both due Wednesday, April 15. Michelle Bachtel from H&R Block in Knox says you need to have personal information for everyone on your return handy before you start. This includes Social Security numbers, birth dates and full legal names as registered with the Social Security Administration. You will also need documentation of all of your income from wages, tips, savings, investments, retirement, rental property, self-employment or farming. Continue reading

Indiana Department of Revenue Aims to Prevent Identity Theft


The Indiana Department of Revenue has implemented programs to help deter tax refund fraud and identity theft. They have already stopped more than $5.3 million in attempted identity theft and refund fraud this year.

Increased security features confirm the identity of each Indiana resident before processing tax returns. As part of the program, more than 179,000 taxpayers have been asked to complete an Identity Confirmation Quiz that features four questions and takes three minutes to complete. Those required to complete the quiz receive a letter with directions from the Indiana Department of Revenue. It can be completed online or over the phone. Once the quiz is successfully done, his or her refund will be processed and delivered within 14 days if electronically filed and within 12 weeks if filed by paper.

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Income Tax Filing Deadline is Quickly Approaching


Just three weeks remain to file income taxes on time. The deadline to file is Wednesday, April 15.

Katie McLear Public Relations Specialist with the Indiana Department of Revenue says taxes can be filed for free with the Indiana Free File program. If eligibility requirements don’t allow that option, McLear says the best option is to file electronically.

“There are a number of benefits to filing electronically,” explained McLear. “First for foremost you’re going to get your refund much faster. You’ll get that refund in about 10 to 14 days. You could wait up to 12 weeks if you file by paper.”

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Beware of State Tax Scam


State officials warn of a national telephone scam targeting Hoosiers. Callers claim to represent the Indiana Department of Revenue and say there is an outstanding tax warrant in the taxpayer’s name. They claim local law enforcement is on the way to arrest the taxpayer unless the debt is paid over the telephone. The scam artist sounds convincing and professional. They often have personal information about the taxpayer and can alter the caller ID to appear more legitimate.

Department of Revenue officials stress they do not call taxpayers without first corresponding through the mail and does not threaten to use local law enforcement. Commissioner Mike Alley says taxpayers should not be afraid to hang up the telephone if they suspect they are being targeted by a scam artist. Continue reading