Share the Road With School Buses, Students


School is back in session this week for students in several local corporations. Motorists are reminded to be alert and aware near bus stops and places where youngsters may walk or ride bicycles to or from school.

Indiana Department of Homeland Security spokesman John Erickson says drivers need to slow down and be extra alert for children who are closer to streets. He notes youngsters aren’t good at judging vehicle speeds and may try to cross streets too close to oncoming vehicles. Also Erickson says children listening to music on headsets and playing games on hand-held electronic devices may not be as aware of their surroundings.

Motorists are also reminded to stop for school buses when the red flashing lights are activated and the stop arm is extended. Vehicles approaching from either direction are required to stop until the warning lights go off and the stop arm is retracted. On roadways divided with a physical barrier like a median, only traffic heading in the same direction as the bus is required to stop. Motorists say drivers should still remain alert and cautious whenever buses are on the road.