Pulaski County Attorney Responds to Culver Schools’ Bus Stop Question

A question about whether a school bus may use the easement alongside a roadway to pick up students has generated a response from the Pulaski County attorney but no formal action from the commissioners. Back in June, Culver Community Schools Superintendent Karen Shuman asked for a decision, after a Monterey-area family expressed concern with the pickup location.

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NJ-SP Maintenance Director to Start on Bus Cameras Pilot Project Over Christmas Break

Over Christmas Break, North Judson-San Pierre Maintenance Director Wilbur Collins plans to get started on a pilot project related to improving school bus safety.

When NJ-SP School Board members met on Tuesday, Collins explained that the recent bus-related fatalities in surrounding counties prompted him to look into some ways to improve safety and discourage motorists from putting students in danger with unsafe driving practices. Continue reading

School Bus Safety

The new design of many school buses is causing some concerns about safety. A feature that was installed to give drivers more warning that children are in the area and the bus is about to stop is not being heeded.

In the past, when a bus would stop the arm would come out and the red lights would flash in unison. Now buses feature flashing yellow lights while the driver is coming to a stop, and once they stop completely they hit a button to put out the arm and start the red lights. Continue reading

Share the Road With School Buses, Students


School is back in session this week for students in several local corporations. Motorists are reminded to be alert and aware near bus stops and places where youngsters may walk or ride bicycles to or from school.

Indiana Department of Homeland Security spokesman John Erickson says drivers need to slow down and be extra alert for children who are closer to streets. He notes youngsters aren’t good at judging vehicle speeds and may try to cross streets too close to oncoming vehicles. Also Erickson says children listening to music on headsets and playing games on hand-held electronic devices may not be as aware of their surroundings. Continue reading

School Bus Safety Tips

As children head to the yellow buses for the start of school next week, national bus safety experts are offering several tips for parents:

Have children put everything in backpacks or school bags so they won’t drop things.

Wear bright colors that are more easily seen, and travel in groups when possible.

Most importantly, never reach under the bus or walk behind the bus.