Culver School Board Reorganizes, Makes Appointments for 2016

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver School Board is now set for 2016, after the board reorganized during Monday’s meeting. Jim Wentzel was elected to serve as school board president, replacing Ken VanDePutte. Mark Maes succeeds Wentzel as vice president, and Marina Cavazos was chosen to take over as secretary, replacing Maes.

The board also approved various appointments for 2016. Ryan Sieber, Mark Maes, and Marina Cavazos, along with Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell, Middle/High School Principal Brett Berndt, Elementary School Principal Erin Proskey, and corporation treasurer Casey Howard were appointed to the Negotiations Team to meet with the Teacher Association during contract negotiations. Jack Jones, Ken VanDePutte, and Jim Wentzel, plus Kitchell, Berndt, and Proskey were chosen to serve on the Discussion Team to meet with the Teacher Association. Wentzel, Maes, and Cavazos were also appointed to the Board of Finance. VanDePutte was reappointed as the Indiana School Boards Association legislative liaison, to represent the Culver School Board at the ISBA Fall Conference in September. Corporation attorney Jeff Houin, corporation treasurer Casey Howard, elementary school extracurricular treasurer Karen Snyder, and middle/high school extracurricular treasurer Christy Havron were all reappointed. Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell was also appointed as the corporation’s Title IX Coordinator.

Also during Monday’s meeting, the school board approved the 2016 Master Agenda and expenditure goals, which included no major changes from last year’s. The expenditure goals once again call for 55 percent of spending to go toward academic achievement, 20 percent to instructional support, 20 percent toward overhead and operational costs, and five percent to non-operating costs.