Winamac Updates Nepotism Policy to Match with State Law

winamacThe Winamac Town Council has updated one of its policies to coincide with what is reflected in state law.

Members of the board met in special session Friday morning to discuss the revisions to the Town’s Nepotism Policy. Language in the previous policy was adopted in 2012: that’s when the state of Indiana began requiring disclosure from employees of local governments.

According to prior reports, the policy aims to prevent legal, or blood, relatives from supervising each other while working for the Town government. There are a few exceptions to the rule.

Winamac’s Nepotism Policy also outlines restrictions for contracting with relatives of Town employees. That is the language altered at the state level.

The matter was considered a formality by the Town of Winamac after receiving the recommendation from their Town Attorney.

The updated Nepotism Policy was approved, unanimously.