County Home Rezoning Goes to Public Hearing Again

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

A tangible step for eventual rezoning of the former Pleasant View Rest Home is scheduled for early June.

Pulaski County CDC Executive Director Nathan Origer says an informal meeting was held between representatives of the county and the president of the Winamac Plan Commission.

Origer says ideas were exchanged about the site that Pulaski county hopes will lead to the facility’s eventual sale.

“We think that we should be able to get everything straightened out and everyone on board with this finally,” says Origer.

The County Home ceased operations and was put up for sale last year. Its current land use designation as a commercial property is thought to be hindering buyer activity.

The Winamac Plan Commission previously rejected a request to rezone the site as residential real estate as the County suggested to help turn the site into an apartment building or another type of dwelling.

Among the requirements the Plan Commission desired prior to granting a zoning change was buyer interest. While no guarantee of sale, Origer says there have been a few inquiries.

“He’s had a couple people express interest in the property,” says Origer. “I don’t know how serious, but at least someone is inquiring about it – which is one of the things the Plan Commission wanted to see evidence of before they did anything.”

A public hearing has been scheduled by the Winamac Plan Commission for June 7th at 5:00 EST to consider the matter once again.

The County expressed confidence that this attempt at rezoning the site will be successful.