All-Hazard Radios to be Distributed to Counties for Residents

More than 2,200 all-hazard weather radios will be distributed to all of the counties in the state thanks to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Residents who are particularly vulnerable to the damaging effects of severe weather, those who cannot afford a device, mobile and prefabricated homeowners, and others who may not be able to receive weather alerts by traditional means may be provided a radio.

Residents who live in mobile or prefabricated homes have minimal protection against severe weather and other life-threatening disasters. Emergency officials recommend seeking shelter in a more sturdy structure when severe weather is forecast.

All-hazard radios are capable of receiving more than 60 emergency alerts including hazardous weather, local area warnings and information on current conditions from the National Weather Service.

Federal grant funds helped Indiana Department of Homeland Security officials to purchase the radios.

For more information on how to obtain these radios, call your local emergency management agency.