Culver Middle/High School Awning to be Removed

The awning that blankets the front entryway of the Culver Middle/High School is crumbling and it will be removed.

Culver Middle/High School Principal Brett Berndt told the school board Monday night that the bottom of the structure is rusted and dried out. He said it could be repaired at a great cost, so the decision was made to simply tear down the awning.

“I’ve been in the process of getting quotes to remove it,” said Berndt. “That’s the direction we want to take is to remove it over spring break. It’s going quickly which is going to change the look of that building knowing that it’s been there since 1968. We’ll probably put lights on the building so there are lights when people enter there for basketball games and events.”

Photos provided by Culver Middle/High School Principal Brett Berndt.