Lack of Snow Saves Starke County Money

Starke County had no snow events in February. Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler says the little bit of snow that fell recently didn’t linger long enough to send plows out. He told the commissioners Monday that translates into big savings for the fuel budget. The Starke County Highway Department used about 6,000 gallons of diesel fuel last month, compared to 12,000 in February of 2016 and 14,000 the previous year.

Ritzler says the county highway department also has plenty of salt and sand and will be able to stockpile extra ahead of next winter. He’s already submitted the county’s bids for treated and untreated salt to the state in order to lock in a good price.

Ritzler hopes to have a one-year stockpile at all times at the garage. He says that will keep the county from having to pay high per-ton prices if supplies dwindle due to increased demand. Ritzler notes the county will need to add some additional storage space for salt in the next year or so.