Utility Assistance Programs Continue, After Winter Disconnection Moratorium Ends


Low-income residents who are delinquent in their heating bills may have their natural gas service disconnected. Between December 1 and March 15, Indiana utility companies don’t shut off natural gas service to customers taking part in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP.Now that that period has come to an end for 2017, NIPSCO is reminding customers that there’s still some help available for those struggling to pay their utility bills.

The federal LIHEAP program offers help to households falling within 150 percent of federal poverty guidelines. Applications for heating assistance will be taken through May 12, and summer cooling assistance will also be available between June 5 and August 11. LIHEAP participants are also eligible for additional discounts of up to 26 percent from NIPSCO through May 31 or until funding is used up.

On top of that, households falling between 151 and 200 percent of the federal poverty level may take part in the NIPSCO Hardship Program. It offers up to $400 in gas bill assistance through May 31 or until funds are exhausted.

Additional energy assistance funds may be available through local township trustee’s offices, and payment agreements are also offered through NIPSCO. More information can be found on NIPSCO’s website.