West Central School Board Reviews Strategic Plan

The West Central School Board continues planning for the corporation’s future. After reviewing its strategic plan during a work session last month, the school board approved the vision, mission, and belief statements Thursday, according to Superintendent Don Street. “Our vision is to ‘Encourage every student, every day; engage, empower, and educate.’ So it’s what we as a school corporation vision for our students every day,” he explains.

He adds the corporation’s mission was also reviewed. “Our mission is for the West Central Schools to commit to a comprehensive system of support, which ensures every member of the school community is prepared for further learning and successful career opportunities is a technology-rich global economy,” he said. “This is accomplished in an environment that fosters positive attitudes toward self, others, work, and responsible citizenship.”

One specific goal is to improve students’ language skills for effective communication. Street points out that affects all classes, not just English class.

Meanwhile, the educational goals listed in the strategic plan focus on classroom instruction, student growth, and the continued use of technology. On a financial level, the corporation plans to maintain a cash balance of at least 18 percent of the General Fund budget and make sure there’s enough money in the Rainy Day Fund to support other the corporation’s other taxable funds. The plan also calls for well-maintained, energy-efficient facilities.