Culver School Board Approves Bid for Pole Barn Extension

Culver School Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell presented the Culver Community School Board with a quote for a proposed expansion project at the pole barn north of the bus garage.

Kitchell said that he sent out five proposals to companies and only two quotes were returned.

The extension will allow for more storage, especially for equipment acquired from the former Monterey Elementary School building.

“We would like to an addition that’s 20 feet to the south with overhead doors on both sides so our grounds person can drive the tractors and things instead of backing in and turn a corner,” said Kitchell. “To the north, we’d like to go 48 feet and then turn and go west for another 30 feet or so. We’d like to make it into an L-shaped building.”

The board received quotes from O&R Buildings for $77,250 and Burns Construction for $87,346. The less expensive quote did not include electric work.

The board approved the higher quote only because the Burns quote was considered “complete” and that the company constructed the current building.

Kitchell said the corporation will be responsible to provide a flat surface prior to construction and a quote for $3,000 was provided for fill.

The project will be paid for out of bond refinance money.

The project is anticipated to start in early July.