Culver School Board Receives Update on Funding

The Culver Community School Board received an update on the funding projection for the next school year. Corporation Treasurer Casey Howard said Monday night that solid numbers are elusive as figures constantly change from information given by the state.

Howard said that the corporation will see a reduction in grants and the February ADM count will cause a reduction in funding.

She estimates that the corporation will see a budget cut of $32,310.29 for the 2017-2018 school year. This does not include any raises, stipends or unexpected expenses that could impact the budget. Howard told the board that she estimates this amount based on current conditions.

Interim Superintendent Chuck Kitchell said 43 students will be entering kindergarten this fall which reflects an increase. With that, he is able to forecast good news for the corporation.

“A $32,000 budget cut is something I think we can make happen without cutting a teacher,” said Kitchell. “If we are fortunate enough to get that number of kindergarten students, I think this corporation would have to add a kindergarten teacher. At this point, I’m recommending no RIFs (Reductions in Force). I think we move forward, keep all of the teachers that we have. Obviously, it’s about student counts. We may have to move some teachers around at the elementary school depending on class sizes or whatever the numbers look like. The good news is we can move forward without a RIF this year.”