Culver Stellar Communities Committee Finalizing Letter of Intent

The Culver Stellar Communities Committee is working hard to complete paperwork necessary to announce the Town of Culver’s intentions to seek this year’s Stellar Community designation.

The purpose of the Stellar Communities Designation Program is to recognize Indiana’s smaller communities that have identified comprehensive community and economic development projects and activities in addition to a plan and key partnerships. Culver was close to winning the designation of a Stellar Community last year, but the honor was awarded to Corydon.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist said the committee met this week to gather thoughts regarding the submission of the letter of intent.

“We did want to make a few changes to the application and there are a few changes at the state level too as far as what they require. So, this meeting was to finalize where the draft was headed for the letter of intent,” explained Leist.

Several projects at were included in last year’s application will be included in this year’s letter of intent with the addition of new ideas.

The deadline for the letter of intent is Friday, April 28.

Leist said there are about 20 members on this year’s Stellar Communities committee. Two new members went to this week’s meeting to be included in the process.