Culver Stellar Communities Committee Looks at Projects for Application

The Culver Stellar Communities Committee is working on several projects that are categorized as lighter, quicker and cheaper as required in this year’s application process.

The town is applying for the opportunity to have the distinction of being a Stellar Community and receive funding to complete a plan for community and economic development projects.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist says there are about 10 projects that the committee members feel could be included in the letter of intent, but they chose only one on which to focus.

“We did decide to keep what we call a story walk along the lake,” said Leist. “The library board had done something along that line in the past but it was more of a temporary set up. We are looking at a more permanent version of that and combining that with some new benching around what would be a new trail that would connect the Culver Academy to downtown which is what we’re applying for as part of the program.”

The previous story walk featured wood stands with pages from storybooks. Pages one and two would be in one stand and as kids continue to walk the path more pages were available in other stands to complete the story. Leist explains that the town’s project would be to follow a similar format.

“If we didn’t have a particular event going on or there wasn’t a particular story in the stand then the default would be a series of short history pieces about Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee. If the library had a story they wanted to feature for a few weeks, or if we had event that we felt it was important to put out information like Stellar Communities we could do that as well.”

According to Leist, other ideas that the committee has for lighter, quicker, cheaper projects could have a life of their own either in the full application or other projects the town can work on in the future.

The Stellar Communities committee will meet again on Tuesday, April 18 at 5:30 p.m. ET at the Culver Town Hall. Anyone who is interested in being a part of the committee is welcome to attend the meeting.