Culver-Union Township Public Library to Work on Building Improvements

The Culver-Union Township Public Library will soon be getting some American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant renovations to the exterior of the building along with other improvements.

Library Board member Bill Clevenger explained to the Culver Town Council Tuesday night that the board recently hired an architect to do an envelope study of the library. That study entails an analysis of potential facility modifications to bring codes up to standards or to improve operations.

The study involved the existing library and the addition completed in 2000. It was determined that a new roof is needed along with a new HVAC system and outdoor concrete work. The concrete work would focus on the stairs leading into the building and a ramp that does not meet ADA requirements.

The courtyard along Main Street would also be redone to include a pavilion and more room for community activities. Drainage issues also plague the area.

Bonds were refinanced to clear some money for this upcoming project in the amount of $325,000.

Clevenger asked for the council’s permission to designate a few parking spaces as handicapped along West Washington Street. There is an access point at that location for those who utilize wheelchairs to safely enter the library property once outside of a vehicle.

The council approved the request. Further research into the need to amend the parking ordinance will be done. If needed, the council will take up that issue at the next council meeting on April 25.