Eastern Pulaski School Board Accepts PACE Grant, Historical Items


Eastern Pulaski Elementary School has gotten nearly $20,000 for literacy programs. Superintendent Dan Foster says the grant from the Pulaski Alliance for Community Education will mainly be used to help with programs for first- and second-graders.

It was one of a few donations accepted by the Eastern Pulaski School Board last week. Foster says Paul Gilsinger with GreenMark Equipment donated a used Gator vehicle to the corporation’s athletic department. “They loan us one in the summer and the fall and then they take it back and then they get us a different one for the spring and then they take it back,” Foster explains. “And so they decided among their shops that it would just be easier to go ahead and give us a used one. It’ll be ours for a few years, and then we’ll have to decide after it decides to need a lot of repairs or maybe a trade-in or something, we’ll discuss what to do at that point. So we definitely appreciate that.”

Foster adds that a couple items of historical interest were also donated to the corporation. “We had a patron that was going through some of her mother’s belongings and found a 1926 ‘Totem,’ which is basically a school yearbook, and a 1929 ‘Informer,’ which I guess is kind of like the school newspaper of the time,” he says. “So that was very nice that she sought out somebody at the school and made some contact, rather than just saying, ‘Oh, okay,’ and pitched them. And had that email gone to spam or something, that’s exactly what probably would’ve happened.”

The Eastern Pulaski School Board also voted last week to dispose of some surplus items, including an old John Deere 1050 tractor.