Hamlet Police Department Hires Full-Time Deputy

The Hamlet Town Council was introduced to its newest police officer Wednesday. Council members unanimously voted to offer the full-time deputy position to Cody Rosinski.

Town Marshal Clint Norem said Rosinski brings a good amount of experience to the job. “He currently works as a jail officer in Marshall County,” Norem said. “He is a reserve for the Town of Bourbon and actually went through their reserve academy. He worked a short time for the Town of Hamlet a couple years ago.” Rosinski also assisted the Hamlet Police Department back in November, during Norem’s transition into the town marshal role.

Norem added that Rosinski’s selection followed a thorough hiring process. “We’re quite excited,” Norem said. “We received more applications than we initially thought we would receive. We had a lot of applicants that were qualified in a lot of aspects, and it ended up with a three- member hiring board reviewing the applicants and their skill level, and what they could actually provide to the community.”

He added that Rosinski is vested in the local community. “I spoke to his wife because that’s one of the things I wanted to do, is see how the candidate’s spouse felt about it,” Norem explained. “They’re very happy with the school system, and they’re actually wanting to invest in their home here in Hamlet. So I think we can safely say that they’re willing to stay here and they’re going to provide to the community.”

Council President Dave Kesvormas congratulated Rosinski and welcomed him to the police department.