Hamlet Zoning Board Addresses Issues at 503 South Starke Street

The Hamlet Zoning Board has given the owner of 503 South Starke Street until June 12 to bring the property into compliance with the town’s unsafe structure ordinance. During last week’s meeting, it was revealed that the water and sewer lines hadn’t been hooked up. There were also concerns with an open trench that had apparently been dug next to the sidewalk.

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Hamlet Zoning Board Considers Making Building Inspector a Paid Position

The Hamlet Zoning Board has reopened discussions about paying the town’s building inspector. Frank Lonigro says he’ll no longer do the job for free, according to Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts. He first raised concerns during the board’s January meeting, but members wanted to look at restructuring the town’s permit fee structure before offering a pay rate.

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Oregon-Davis Superintendent Discusses Upcoming Referendum with Hamlet Town Council

Oregon-Davis School Superintendent Dr. Don Harman went to the Hamlet Town Council Wednesday to spread the word about the upcoming school referendum. If approved, the measure would add a property tax of up to 29 cents per $100 of assessed valuation for an eight-year period. It would replace a 19-cent tax that’s set to expire in 2019.

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SCEDF Continues Working with Railroad to Improve Hamlet Railroad Crossing


A rough railroad crossing in Hamlet continues to draw the attention of economic development officials. The town council has been complaining about the Chicago, Fort Wayne & Eastern’s Starke Street crossing for years. Last month, Starke County Economic Development Foundation Executive Director Charlie Weaver offered to speak to railroad officials, but the town didn’t get an immediate response.

This week, Weaver told council members that he’s still working with the railroad’s parent company, but he needs to get all the details straight. “I’m in communication with the Genesee & Wyoming railroad. They like to know exactly who you had conversation with, so we can pin it down, and I need to verify the absolute nature of the complaint. It’s a rough crossing right?” Continue reading

Starke County Sheriff’s Department Asks to Use Hamlet Gun Range for Firearms Training

Hamlet officials want some more information before agreeing to let the Starke County Sheriff’s Department use the gun range at the town’s sewer plant. In a letter to town officials, Sheriff Bill Dulin offered to have his firearms instructors qualify the town’s police officers free of charge, in exchange for letting them use the range to qualify officers from other departments.

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