Knox Council Tightens Trash Dumping Regulations

The City of Knox is looking to crack down on illegal dumping. The city council approved an ordinance Tuesday that bans people who live outside the city limits from bringing their trash into the city for collection. It also raises fines to $150 for the first offense and $500 for all subsequent violations.

Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston says the city’s gotten several complaints about dumping, “People dumping animal waste in the park, and people putting trash out on homes that either were empty or wasn’t their home, or they were bringing in trash from out in the country and putting it on property here.” While he says it may be hard to catch everyone, he’s hopeful the measure will stop at least some people.

Council members voted to suspend the rules and pass the ordinance on all readings Tuesday. Houston says notice has to be published before it takes effect effect.

Complaints about trash dumping recently led to the removal of the city’s drop-off recycling bins. Mayor Dennis Estok pointed out there are alternatives for city residents who have more recycling than their totes will hold. “I know what I do. We have plastic bags, garbage bags, and we put it in there. They will take that that way, also,” he said. “Or if you have boxes, break them down and take them out that morning, and they’ll take those. So there’s alternatives that they have to get rid of them. They will take all you have.” Houston pointed out that clear plastic bags are preferred.

Additionally, there are still five recycling drop-off sites around the county, at the Bass Lake Property Owners Association building, the Grovertown EMS base, the Hamlet water tower on West Plymouth Street, the Koontz Lake Fire Station, and the San Pierre Fire Station.